Date: 22/06/2020

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Three killed dozens injured in burkina faso street clashes

Militant militias have launched an attack on government-held districts in North West province near the border with Pakistan after two suspected militants killed dozens of army personnel in an assault on the state's military compound, state-run television reported Sunday.

The clashes left at least 18 soldiers and two suspected militants dead in Baghadir district, the province's security director told reporters. Two military vehicles were also destroyed in the clashes, he added.

Security sources told AFP the attack was a retaliation for the killing of the two militants who were also killed during the morning attack on the base, and that more military vehicles and army staff were being burnt after the attack.

Two army vehicles were destroyed in the attack. A truck loaded with explosives was burned along with the vehicles.

Earlier, the two militants who were killed were identified as Shahrukh Ali Javeed and Walid Javid, both 25, and the alleged co-founder of al-Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent, the interior minister said.

One of the gunmen, Aysha Jalaluddin, was a former employee of Bajrang Dal, another right-wing religious group of Pakistan's ruling Pakistani Peoples Party.

Javeed had earlier been arrested for involvement in a 2007 bomb blast in a bus stop in Balochistan's Jangkari district that killed six people and injured 14 others, officials said.

The other killed militant, Mohammad Shahzad, had been suspected in the killing of a security officer in June, officials said.

The military compound was targeted after the army and police fired live rounds at suspected militants in the northern city of Peshawar, injuring at least three people, including the two militants who opened fire after fleeing in the two vehicles.

"Two army personnel were killed and a civilian was seriously injured, and the situation is under control," the governor of North West governorate, Khawaja Fazl, said in a statement.

'A large number'

In a separate development, two Taliban members have been killed in a gunfight with security forces along a road in a tribal area in North West's North Waziristan province.

It was not immediately known if the two militants were members of a local Taliban and the tribal area was claimed by them.

The attack left at least 26 soldiers and four security officials dead, according to local police. They said some militants were also killed during a gunfight on Saturday.

On Monday, a suspected militant armed with a rifle was killed in an armed attack on three security personnel in a district in the city of Chitral.

In another attack the same day, two Taliban armed with weapons surrendered at a

Tribunal set to rule on haneef documents

A lawyer for the family has called the court's ruling "absolutely outrageous" and has also demanded the death penalty be sought in the death of their son and said the family's lawyers can be summoned to testify.

"We have filed a petition to the High Court which is open to public access and we want the Court to bring [the family] before it in front of public," lawyer Haseeb Afshar, who is working on the family's behalf, told the AFP news agency.

His comments come as a group of Iranian human rights activists said on Monday they were asking for a public execution to be carried out against Haneefah, who is still alive.

"It seems clear that there is no alternative other than the death penalty," said Karim Sadjadpour, head of the activist group Memorial and Human Rights Centre. "There is no alternative other than to find and kill the killer in front of the cameras."

The UN has expressed concerns over Haneefah's "severely diminished life expectancy" and has called on the Iranian authorities to carry out a public trial and execution.

A total of 1.5 million inmates are in Iran's prison system, down from 2.4 million in 2000 and 3 million in 2002, according to estimates from the UN human rights office in Geneva.

Haneefah's family - who is believed to include at least 10 grandchildren - have been waging a bitter legal battle in Tehran since their son's body was found in August 2013.

They have challenged Iran's insistence that his body was found in the backyard of his parents' apartment, and contend that his death warrant issued at the same time as his parents' execution warrant was not valid - the authorities claim the letter, which was delivered to Haneefah's home address, was a prearranged hoax.

Haneefah's parents are accused of murdering her and her parents in 1998 with an ax, causing the death of her

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